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Texas DIR Cooperative Contract with Bonfire

Contract overview

The Texas DIR provides state-wide, pre-approved technology solutions to government, education, and local government entities. With the Bonfire Cooperative Contract for sourcing and procurement teams, customers receive a preferred rate and are relieved from completing a formal RFx process, saving time and money, while receiving the best value through quality performance.

Contract Number: DIR-TSO-4363

Additional information about DIR Cooperative Contracts

Additional information about the Bonfire DIR Cooperative Contract

Available Products

Bonfire Strategic Sourcing software is available on the contract at a discounted rated of $4950 ($5500 MSRP).

Bonfire Strategic Sourcing software digitizes your bid and RFP processes to make them more efficient, compliant, and transparent. Through the power of seamless collaboration and industry insights, Bonfire enables procurement teams to make more strategic and impactful purchasing decisions. Whether you run mostly straightforward bids, complex RFx, or a mixture of both, Bonfire has got you covered. For more information including videos and feature descriptions click here.

All Bonfire customers have access to end-to-end, award-winning support and coaching—enabling you to get the most out of Bonfire and access procurement best practices from subject matter experts, at no additional cost.


To learn more, obtain a quote or place a purchase order please complete the form or contact Andrew Wilgar at [email protected] or 1-(800)-354-8010. All purchase orders need to reference DIR-TSO-4363.

Warranty and Return Policy

Bonfire warrants that the Platform Services will operate in substantial conformity with the applicable written documentation provided by Bonfire. For any breach of this warranty, Customer’s remedy shall be that Bonfire will, at its expense, correct any errors identified by Customer in the Platform Services, in addition to any other remedy that might be available to Customer for such breach by Bonfire. Bonfire also warrants that it will maintain the Platform Services at reputable third party Internet service providers and hosting facilities. Bonfire warrants that it has implemented commercially reasonable security measures, including without limitation, technical, physical and procedural controls to protect Customer Data against destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure to third parties or unauthorized access by employees or contractors employed by Bonfire, whether by accident or otherwise. However, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that, notwithstanding such security measures, use of or connection to the Internet provides the opportunity for unauthorized third parties to circumvent such precautions and illegally gain access to the Platform Services and Customer Data. Accordingly, Bonfire cannot and does not guarantee the privacy, security or authenticity of any information so transmitted over or stored in any system connected to the Internet. For any breach of the foregoing warranties, Bonfire shall pay to Customer all damages the Customer suffers in connection with such breach, subject to the limitations set out in Section 11.3.

Please complete the form and a Bonfire representative will be in contact.