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Bonfire Intake

Do you feel like you’re always being brought-in late and asked to execute on less-than-stable strategies?

Make it easy for your colleagues to engage procurement early so that you can integrate strategic planning at the start of each project—ensuring that bids and RFPs are set-up to succeed.

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Bonfire Intake Request Form Intake Status Visibility Screen Intake Request Dashboard Bonfire Project Draft Screen Bonfire in-app messaging screen
  • Hassle-free requests your colleagues will love

    The Intake Request Form includes mandatory and optional fields, key dates and milestones, and drop-down and text responses, making it easy for your colleagues to make procurement requests from anywhere.

  • Keep requestors up-to-date

    Give requestors peace of mind that their requests are in your pipeline with Intake Status Visibility, which provides status updates on the priority and progress of the request.

  • Take your pipeline out of the black box

    Say goodbye to ad hoc lists in Excel or email—the Request Dashboard makes it simple to view your entire procurement pipeline in one place. Collaborate and divide workloads seamlessly, create and track approvals, and monitor statuses and assignments.

  • Ensure no details fall through the cracks

    Move a request and all of the relevant information into a project draft, create and track approvals, and prepare to officially kick-off your competitive sourcing event.

  • Manage all conversations in one place

    Collaborate better online than you would in in-person meetings with in-app messaging and an integrated approval process for procurement and internal stakeholders.

Start every project on the right foot

Bonfire Intake makes it painless for your organization to bring requests to procurement. Avoid project delays or failures by collecting the right information and integrating your approvals process from the start—shortening overall cycle times and improving the impact of your bids and RFPs. 

Starting a new or unfamiliar RFP? Search and filter through tens of thousands of public projects and all supporting bid documents with Bonfire Community Projects.

Streamline and strengthen collaboration

Lighten the load on your internal stakeholders by providing templates and setting expectations early, then seamlessly capturing approvals and eliminating bothersome follow-ups with automated email reminders to approvers. Use software to tackle the administrative overhead and make the whole process faster and simpler for everyone. Uncover real business need early so your procurement team can deliver great value at a competitive price—making everyone happy. 

One location for all your procurement pipeline

Ever feel like you don’t have a lot of visibility into your procurement pipeline? Bonfire Intake provides one central place for all planning, approval workflows, executing, and contract activity. Forecast procurement pipeline by standardizing how information is collected by procurement and ensuring all details are captured from the start.

Bring the power of collaboration and industry insights to all your bids and RFPs

Do you run a mixture of price-only bids and complex RFx? Bonfire is designed for both.

Discover why Bonfire is the solution for all bids and RFPs

Drive more impactful bid and RFP outcomes

Join the hundreds of other public sector organizations using Bonfire to make proactive and value-added contributions to their agency, whether they’re in the office or working remotely.

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Launch your projects with certainty, backed by industry data and insights

With the right information at your fingertips from the start of every bid and RFP project, Bonfire elevates procurement teams from simply administering events to strategic teammates in pursuit of a common goal. Attend your next project planning meeting armed with more data and insights than ever before so that you can make proactive and value-added contributions to your agency.

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