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Utilities procurement teams run some of the most complex evaluations, and the stakes are high—you’re protecting essential services like water, energy, and sanitary utilities, after all.

Fortunately, Bonfire Strategic Sourcing software is here to meet the unique needs of your district, minimizing risk and driving cost savings along the way.

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Client Spotlight: Providing water and wastewater services with help from small business vendors

Discover how Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) uses Bonfire to manage $1.8 billion in contracts while engaging stakeholders and vendors.

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Simplify and accelerate your RFP process

Bonfire provides one platform for buyers and stakeholders to easily collaborate on spending decisions, at the office or working from home. With clear visibility into project progress, buyers are empowered to proactively address roadblocks and ensure on-time project delivery.
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Evaluate complex requirements in less time

Whether you’re sourcing transformers, construction, or professional services, Bonfire provides intuitive evaluation tools to help you collect and analyze large amounts of vendor data, ensuring a better experience for your stakeholders and better service delivery to customers.
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Manage vendors with ease

Spend less time qualifying vendors and updating records, and spend more time strengthening and expanding your vendor pool. With Bonfire, simple online submission, Bonfire makes it free and easy for vendors to submit bids and RFPs.
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Unlock procurement’s potential

Bonfire clients do more than reduce cycle times, ensure 100% compliance, and minimize costs. Through the power of collaboration, industry insights, and ongoing coaching, Bonfire helps procurement teams get remote work-ready and become trusted strategic partners.
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Drive more impactful bid and RFP outcomes

Join the hundreds of other public sector organizations using Bonfire to make proactive and value-added contributions to their agency.
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