Bonfire for Higher Education

Sourcing software built for the unique needs of college and university procurement teams.

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Quicker, more collaborative sourcing decisions for your school

Spend less time on paperwork and more time working with campus stakeholders to drive high-value decisions, with the Bonfire Strategic Sourcing Platform.

Facilitating timely procurement decisions for your departments is a challenge when you are bogged down by a manual process, especially with workloads on the rise.

Bonfire eases the time crunch on your team by streamlining administrative steps in your bid and RFP process. With specialized evaluation tools and centralized collaboration, procurement teams can more quickly and proactively guide stakeholders through the procurement process.

  • Save time on project setup with templates
  • Quickly collect and analyze qualitative requirements with Questionnaires
  • Keep projects on deadline, with clear visibility into scoring progress

Misalignment between procurement teams and their internal stakeholders can cause poor decisions that negatively impact campus experience and compromise procurement’s ability to deliver value.

The Bonfire platform empowers effective collaboration in the procurement process. From drafting requirements to awarding decisions, procurement teams can ensure everyone is working together to achieve the best outcome for their departments and campuses.

  • Provide an intuitive online platform for evaluators to review and score proposals
  • Maintain open lines of communication with in-platform discussions
  • Segment proposal information to relevant evaluators for more efficient evaluations

When your team is struggling to keep up with the administrative demands of a manual bid and RFP process, it’s hard to see beyond the next requisition.

Digitizing the process with Bonfire saves time and frees up team capacity for process improvements and other value-add activities. The flexible platform puts power back in your buyers’ hands to ensure high value purchases across all departments and campuses.

  • Reduce manual steps with one online platform to post, receive, and evaluate bids and RFPs
  • Gain clear visibility over project progress and resolve issues proactively
  • Ensure consistency and control over the process

Procurement software that is easy to implement and use

Bonfire is designed to be easy to use, with low training requirements and a painless implementation process. Ongoing coaching for buyers and award-winning customer support for all users, including vendors and evaluators, ensures maximum value from the platform.

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Trusted by higher education procurement teams

The Bonfire Strategic Sourcing Platform holds a Cooperative Contract with the Texas DIR (DIR-TSO-4363). Find out more.


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