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Bonfire for
Price-only Bidding

Whether you’re running price comparison bids for construction, roadwork, cleaning, or maintenance, Bonfire bidding software is your one-stop shop for all price-only bids.

With the tools and data you need to go to market fast and get immediate results, your team can finally get out of the weeds of administrative work—and instead find new opportunities to drive additional value in your bids.

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  • Easily engage vendors

    Clearly communicate requirements and timelines to your vendors with Bonfire bid invitation software. Distribute updates, publish addendums, and answer vendor questions all online.

  • Fast results, without sacrificing compliance

    Manage compliance—even when working from home—with electronically sealed bids and consistent templates. Protect against vendor protests with audit reports that track all data and interactions.

  • Collect responses and view results painlessly

    Automatically tabulate and sort vendor offers, aided by data visualizations to help you quickly identify the lowest bidder. Basic data capture ensures vendors are qualified and ready to work for your agency.

Execute bids, get results, and approve winners in no time

For many price-only bid projects, like quoting plumbing work or contracting roadwork, you want to ensure you’re getting them out to the most amount of vendors in the least amount of time. That’s why Bonfire bid management software enables you to create bids, review results, then approve and award winners electronically.

Connect and collaborate, effortlessly

Streamline your process even further by making it easy to bring the right people into your bid project at the right time, including your vendor pool. No matter the size of your team or the volume of your bids, Bonfire makes it easy for all stakeholders to work with procurement, quickly get bid requests approved, then invite vendors to bid in a centralized, online platform.

Stay competitive with win-win vendor partnerships

Tailor how vendor information is collected, and make your life easier by allowing vendors to manage their own data, certifications, and expiring documents. Ramp up your bid competition with the Vendor Recommendation Engine, which provides you with access to thousands of new vendors offering the goods and services you’re looking for.

Leverage industry insights to level-up your agency’s bids

With Bonfire, access data from thousands of public procurements to get an understanding of benchmarks for your own bids, advise your team and stakeholders on best practices, and find new opportunities to drive value.

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Run more bids, faster (even when you’re not in the office)

Join the hundreds of other public sector organizations using Bonfire to remotely run more collaborative, more compliant bids at record speed.

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