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Bonfire for
Contract Management

Tired of feeling like you’re always playing catch-up when it comes to contract renewals or vendor performance??

With Bonfire, transform your contract management and vendor management from reactive to proactive with features designed to help you stay on top of your active spend and build strong vendor relationships.

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Access your contracts anywhere, anytime

Bonfire Contract Management software enables in-office and remote procurement teams and stakeholders to work together after the contract is awarded to proactively address key milestones and changes in active spend. Here’s how.

sample product screenshot of dashboard in Bonfire platform sample product screenshot of contract template in Bonfire sample product screenshot of contract management on Bonfire
  • Centralized dashboard

    View, filter, and export contract information—such as vendor documentation, vendor performance, contract details, vendor contact information, and contract documentation—all in one place.

  • Generate contracts with ease

    Ensure consistency in recurring contracts with contract templates. Create contracts fast by automatically carrying over relevant information from the awarded sourcing project.

  • Track and collaborate

    Track important contract dates like lead time and end date in Bonfire. Add internal stakeholders and set auto-reminders to collaborate on staying on top of key milestones.

Make more strategic vendor relationship decisions

The Bonfire Vendor Management module delivers clear visibility into your vendor performance. Spend more time building strong relationships with great vendors, and give yourself plenty of lead-time to go back to market when vendors are missing the mark.

sample product screenshot of vendor performance survey configuration on Bonfire sample product screenshots of vendor performance surveys on Bonfire platform sample product screenshot of vendor performance contracts Bonfire
  • Build surveys in-platform

    Create surveys to measure vendor performance right in Bonfire, and engage the expertise of your stakeholders by inviting them to provide their input.

  • Access vendor scores

    View and export vendor performance results in Bonfire. Get at-a-glance insight with vendor performance scores in the contract record.

  • Forecast future sourcing projects

    Anticipate whether you will renew contracts or go back to market well in advance with clear vendor performance metrics.

Data-driven contract and vendor management decisions made easy

Who says that leveraging data to make informed contract and vendor management decisions has to be complicated? In Bonfire Contract Management software, dashboards and KPIs give you the information you need to quickly identify and respond to issues, prioritize team activity, and drive continuous improvement.

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All of your strategic sourcing activities in one place

Sourcing, contract management, and vendor performance management have the same goal—to drive the most value for the goods and services you need. Why not house them in one software? All of the Bonfire features are built to get you out of the weeds of operational tasks, freeing you up to make more strategic procurement decisions—whether you primarily run simple bids, complex RFPs, or a combination of both. 

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Take your contract and performance management to the next level