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Bonfire for
RFP Evaluation

A great Request-for-Proposal process is only half the equation—the most effective, impactful RFP results happen when there’s seamless communication and collaboration.

With tools designed for in-app collaboration and industry insights, Bonfire RFP software empowers procurement to play a critical strategic role in assembling the right people to make value-added contributions to your agency. 

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Bonfire Questionnaires screenshot Bonfire BidTables Screen Bonfire Multi-category decisions screen Bonfire reverse auctions screen
  • Bonfire Questionnaires

    Use templates to effortlessly collect and aggregate vendor data for side-by-side comparison and auto-scoring.

  • Bonfire BidTables

    Easily filter supplier data and rank price, sort items into baskets, and perform what-if analyses to optimize vendor selection.

  • Bonfire Multi-Category Decisions

    Create parent and child projects to distribute decisions and make multiple awards across separate locations or categories.

  • Bonfire Reverse Auctions

    Run reverse auctions online to encourage competition between a shortlisted group of vendors—no vendor training required.

Start your competitive procurements strong

Procurement experts widely agree that most complex RFP delays and missteps can be traced back to poor project planning. Use the Bonfire Intake module to collect requests, then use built-in communication tools to plan requirements, timing, and budget. 

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Structure your project effortlessly

Leverage industry data and templates from similar projects to structure your competitive procurements. Create digital scorecards that capture the required criteria, and organize your evaluation team into groups so every stakeholder is only evaluating what’s relevant to them.

Evaluate proposals from anywhere

Centralize all proposal documents so that evaluators can add scores—any time, any place. Get a live view into scoring and evaluator progress to address red flags before they even arise. With visual and dynamic charts, quickly dig into scoring data to analyze and compare results.

Built-in collaboration at every step

From project planning, to RFP solicitation, to project evaluation, Bonfire brings the right collaborators in at the right time, so that you can spend less time managing your process and more time strengthening relationships and making valuable contributions to your agency.

Bring the power of collaboration and industry insights to all your bids and RFPs

Do you run a mixture of price-only bids and complex RFx? Bonfire is designed for both.

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Drive more impact with your RFPs

Join the hundreds of other public sector organizations using Bonfire to run 100% compliant RFPs, harnessing the power of collaboration and industry insights.

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