Bonfire for Nonprofits

Decision-making software for sourcing and grant allocation.

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Empower greater impact,
with less administration

Whether sourcing suppliers or allocating grants, your nonprofit depends on smart, transparent decisions to deliver on your mandate. Bonfire’s easy-to-use platform streamlines your decision-making process online, saving time and providing simple tools for collaboration and reporting.

It’s difficult to manage the administrative burden of a manual procurement process alongside all the other tasks on your plate.

Bonfire streamlines your strategic spending decisions online, freeing up staff time through automation and ensuring easy participation for stakeholders, no matter where they are. With clear visibility through centralized dashboards, you have all the information you need to ensure best-value decisions.

  • Manage the entire bid and RFP process, from posting to evaluation, on one online platform
  • Get approvals quickly and easily, with seamless stakeholder engagement
  • Save time with automatic score aggregation and tabulation

Bonfire provides a convenient and easy-to-use online platform to collect structured grant applications and manage the evaluation process in one place. You can easily receive grant applications, collect input from stakeholders, and facilitate a thorough, efficient review process, for impactful grant allocation decisions.

  • Eliminate guesswork for grant-seekers with simple online submission
  • Provide a convenient interface for reviewers to access and score proposals online 
  • Quickly qualify grant-seekers against complex requirements, with contextual side-by-side comparison

When you’re managing your decisions through paper or spreadsheets, reporting on impact to your donors and stakeholders can be an onerous task.

Take the effort out of reporting with a centralized system for your grant applications and sourcing decisions. Bonfire automatically captures a complete record of your decision-making process, making it easy to customize and export reports for donors, or access quick stats to provide an audit on impact.

  • Ensure transparent, well-documented decisions with automatic audit trails
  • Measure impact and effectiveness of programs through customizable automated surveys
  • Track key performance indicators through real-time dashboards

Procurement software that is easy to implement and use

Bonfire is designed to be easy to use, with low training requirements and a painless implementation process. Ongoing coaching and award-winning customer support ensures maximum value from the platform.

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A trusted platform for efficient funding decisions

The Bonfire Strategic Sourcing Platform holds a Cooperative Contract with the Texas DIR (DIR-TSO-4363). Find out more.


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