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Whether you’re a nonprofit sourcing supplies or a foundation allocating grants, your nonprofit depends on smart, transparent decisions—after all, every dollar you save can be allocated back to your nonprofit’s programs and services.

With Bonfire Strategic Sourcing software, save time and improve collaboration by streamlining your decision-making online. 

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Save time and focus on what matters most

With Bonfire, manage the grant process, review and compare applications, and report on impact, reducing your administrative workload. Now, you can focus on engaging with proposals that will best support your mission.

Ensure alignment through easy collaboration

As you’re facing growing demands for greater accountability and collaboration in the grant evaluation process, Bonfire makes it easy to involve reviewers and segment proposals to give team members transparency into the review process, whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

Build trust through transparency

Bonfire supports transparency in your grant evaluation process and takes the pain out of reporting. With all your grant information in one place, you can easily and quickly access grant information, report on impact, and demonstrate accountability to your stakeholders and donors.


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Unlock your potential with Bonfire

Whether you’re a grant manager or a procurement agent, Bonfire helps you do more than reduce sourcing and review times, ensure 100% compliance, and minimize costs—through the power of collaboration, industry insights, and ongoing coaching, Bonfire elevates you to become a strategic partner at your nonprofit.
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Allocate your funds in a way that supports your mission

Join the hundreds of public sector organizations that use Bonfire to make impactful purchasing decisions.
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