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Do more than bring your processes online

With Bonfire, bring all your sourcing activities online—ensuring 100% compliance, shortening evaluation times, improving transparency and freeing up time for your team. But we don’t stop there –Bonfire empowers you and your team to be a strategic advisors to your organization through built-in collaboration tools that help bring stakeholders together and national bid and RFP recommendations that are served in-app to help guide every sourcing project to the best possible outcome faster than you’ve ever thought possible.  

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Rest easy with 100% compliance

Bonfire is built to work the way you do, supporting your policies, regulations, and compliance requirements at every step. Manage and document your approvals workflows, and collect conflict-of-interest declarations, non-disclosure declarations, and mandatory evaluator comments within the platform to ensure complete audit trails.

Receive bid submissions remotely

With solicitation and submission features like a Public Portal to list opportunities, Sealed Bids, and vendor participation tracking, you (and your vendors) don’t need to worry about the logistics of delivering and evaluating paper bid and RFP submissions ever again.

Tools your evaluators will thank you for

The Bonfire online evaluation toolbox is designed to get your evaluators back to their day jobs. Make it easy for your evaluation committee to review information, apply scores, and add comments.

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Customer-driven product roadmap

The Bonfire product roadmap is heavily influenced by over 500+ government agency feedback and consultation. It all comes down to our mission to go beyond simply bringing sourcing activities online and unlock procurement’s true potential—and we can’t do that without the help of procurement experts like yourself.

Work together, even when you’re apart

Facilitate better communication, interaction, and confident decision-making with built-in collaboration features that bring your colleagues, evaluators, observers, and vendors together like never before.

As easy and intuitive as your favorite apps

We take our cue from mainstream consumer apps to make your user experience is as intuitive and familiar as possible, so you and your evaluators can start using Bonfire in no time.

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Level-up your project planning with national data and trends

Bring a new level of strategic insight to your next project planning meeting. Bonfire serves up data and recommendations harnessed from thousands of historical Bids and RFPs to help you structure every solicitations for the best outcomes. No more wasting time looking for samples, they’re right there in front of you at every step of the way.

Shorten cycle times and improve outcomes with templates

Reduce in-person intake meetings, jump-start project planning, manage your approvals workflows, and structure your bids and RFPs for success by leveraging a fully searchable collection of public projects from 500+ agencies using Bonfire.

Bring data to life with beautiful visuals

Take the guesswork out of scoring outcomes and award scenarios—bring a new level of insight to your conversations with colleagues and stakeholders with the industry’s most powerful data reporting and dashboards designed to keep you on top.

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Access over 250,000 vendors

It’s always free for vendors to bid on your projects and Bonfire actively recruits vendors from across North America, adding them to our central vendor database—ensuring more exposure, more competition, and better value in your bids and RFPs.

Make it easy for vendors to work with you

Bonfire is the preferred bid invitation software for 9/10 vendors serving the public sector. That’s because Bonfire makes it easy for vendors to find information, submit complete responses, and get help directly from Bonfire if they ever need it.

Engage vendors with start-to-finish communication

With Bonfire, easily create and publish public notices and addenda to your open opportunities. We’ve got all the functionality you need to answer vendor questions and communicate key dates, events, or in-person interviews.

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Reach your procurement goals with
help from our Client Experience team

Our award-winning Client Experience team is here to supply support and coaching as you make a positive, tangible impact on the health and future of your agency.

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