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Working remotely: How it’s impacting procurement teams

person on laptop using procurement technology for better outcomes organization-wide

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to unfold, procurement teams are facing unprecedented challenges. Now more than ever, the role of procurement is critical to public sector organizations. Teams are faced with the challenge of evolving their process to ensure their constituents are quickly getting the essential goods and services they need, all while adapting to working remotely.

In this webinar, hear from fellow public sector procurement professionals on the impact this crisis has had on their processes and how their teams are adapting to a new remote reality. Learn about their continuity plans, best practices, and how they are overcoming obstacles during this critical time.

This Q&A webinar explores:
  • How teams are pivoting and prioritizing projects and spending
  • Tips on how to diversify your supplier base and manage vendor relationships in affected areas
  • Best practices for procuring emergency supplies
  • How Bonfire is helping teams navigate through these challenging times