Using eBonds to run construction tenders in Bonfire

On-demand | 42:49

eBonds are an efficient, secure, and compliant alternative to paper bid bonds. Paper copies are not only time-consuming to obtain and submit on the vendor’s side, they add unnecessary complexity and prevent procurement teams from streamlining their entire process online.

In this webinar, learn how to use eBonding while running your construction tenders on the Bonfire platform. eBonding is an efficient, secure, and compliant alternative to paper bonds. Here’s how you can use Bonfire and eBonding to streamline your construction tenders online:

  • See a demonstration of the eBonding process from vendor and buyer perspectives;
  • Learn how to set up your construction projects in Bonfire to receive eBonds;
  • Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about eBonds.

Panelists: Steve Muxlow, President at Mobile Bonds Inc., Omar Salaymeh, Director of Client Success at Bonfire, and Erin Schnore, Customer Success Manager at Bonfire.