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Procurement’s “next normal:” Lessons learned from COVID-19, and how to prepare for the future of procurement

There’s no question that COVID-19 has become a catalyst for abrupt change in government agencies. Many aspects of pre-pandemic operations will be difficult to resume, and new functions—such as disease monitoring and social distancing regulation—will emerge. Deloitte calls this the “next normal” of government. How will procurement teams be impacted by this “next normal?”

Of course, before looking forward, we need to look back. What lessons learned can we take with us as we prepare for this new reality? What themes or challenges will procurement teams face in 2020/21, and into a post-COVID world?

In this webinar, our panel of procurement experts discuss how procurement has adapted to disruptions due to COVID-19 and remote work, and how these lessons learned can prepare public procurement teams for what’s to come.

Join us as our panelists answer questions such as:
  • How were COVID-19 and remote work catalysts for change in public agencies, and are these changes here to stay?
  • How can procurement teams continue to drive optimal agency impact even as they are expected to do more with less?
  • What creative and innovative sourcing methods and practices will forward-thinking agencies be adopting in 2020/21?