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Great project outcomes start at the source


Bonfire Webinar on great project outomes for public procurement

Utilities procurement teams play a crucial role in delivering essential services to customers, on time and on budget. The contracting decisions you make through bids and RFPs have a significant impact, not only on your procurement function but the entire organization—and the more complex the project, the higher the stakes.

Despite this, many teams have gaps in their technology which leave the evaluation of bids and RFPs to be completed through spreadsheets and manual steps. This is not only an administrative burden; managing evaluations through spreadsheets introduces a risk of errors and delays that put project outcomes on the line.Sound familiar?

In this webinar, hear from Robert Ferro, Senior Buyer at Alameda County Water District, about his experience using Bonfire eSourcing to address this gap.We discuss how public utilities organizations like yours are leveraging purpose-built software for bid and RFP evaluations, making it easier to engage stakeholders, efficiently evaluate vendor data, and ensure high-quality, cost effective service delivery to the organization.

Top takeaways
  • Understand the risks and limitations of using spreadsheets and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for bid and RFP evaluation
  • Hear from a fellow utilities organization about their experience and results after implementing sourcing software
  • Develop an action plan for selecting and implementing sourcing software at your organization