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Evaluating best value in procurement: stories from the field


Bonfire Webinar speaking on evaluating best value in procurement

With rising costs and an aging population, procurement teams are under pressure to find the balance between best outcomes for patients and clinicians, and best value for taxpayer dollars. This means employing increasingly dynamic and innovative RFx strategies that focus on achieving a specific outcome, rather than meeting a predefined list of specs.

However, trying to manage these types of projects through paper, Excel, and email results in a major coordination challenge and mountains of paperwork.

In this webinar, hear from three healthcare procurement leaders about how they use Bonfire eSourcing to manage the evaluation process for best value decisions.

Top takeaways
  • Overview of best value procurement and its key characteristics
  • Survey of key features and limitations of basic bidding tools, ERPs, and eSourcing platforms
  • Real-life examples of how eSourcing platforms enable procurement teams to manage a more efficient evaluation process