Webinar Encore

Top challenges of healthcare procurement—and how eSourcing can help

On-demand | 44:13

In this webinar encore, hear from Lili Chen, Procurement Manager from the University Health Network about the challenges of supplier selection in healthcare procurement and the impact of new strategies and tools to address the gaps — including the Bonfire eSourcing platform.

Leveraging technology in the procurement process can automate many of the repetitive tasks, unlocking major time savings for teams. These efficiency gains give healthcare procurement teams the capacity to undertake activities with greater strategic impact, including:

  • Working more closely with clients to understand business needs
  • Taking on projects of greater complexity
  • Investing time in developing innovative procurement strategies

Tune into the webinar to hear Lili Chen discusses challenges in the healthcare procurement space, the process of implementing Bonfire, and their approach to leveraging technology in the procurement process.