Why Better Procurement Software Matters

On-demand | 53:10

In this webinar, we examine the cornerstones of modern procurement software — plus  five questions to ask when considering procurement software.

Public sector organizations can no longer afford to run their procurement using manual processes that have been the ‘status quo’ for years. Tightening compliance, growing project volumes, and the imperative to ‘do more with less’ make manual procurement processes increasingly fragile.

Modern software platforms are emerging to help public sector organizations digitize their procurement, gain efficiency and insight in their sourcing process, and get started with technology that will scale with their needs in the future.

In this on-demand webinar:

  • Learn more about the modern procurement software landscape;
  • Understand the benefits of taking your sourcing online with a best-in-breed platform built for public sector needs
  • Find out five questions to ask when considering new software.