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Step into a new era of procurement with Bonfire

procurement team watching a webinar about the new Bonfire

In today’s fast-paced, connected world, digitizing procurement is table stakes—which is why Bonfire is evolving to do more than bring your processes online.

Everything you love about Bonfire is still here, but with new tools optimized for collaboration and built-in access to RFP insights and templates (surfaced from our library of 40,000+ projects), the new Bonfire has everything you need to make confident and data-driven decisions at every stage of the process.

In this webinar, you'll learn...
  • How the new Bonfire Intake module can help you collaborate with your peers on their requests
  • Tips on how to use the new Bonfire Benchmarks feature to deliver strategic advice to your colleagues
  • Why we've introduced new tools and templates to supercharge your price-driven bids
  • How Bonfire's product innovation is driven by clients and their evolving needs