Taming the longtail:
The Strategic Opportunity in Indirect Spend

Discover how Bonfire can help manage your organization’s indirect spend

The procurement landscape has changed; teams are no longer satisfied with transactional and administrative tasks and are evolving toward playing a significant strategic role to organizations.

Indirect spend remains an untapped value-driver, largely due to a lack of bandwidth on procurement teams and a tendency for this type of spend to be fragmented amongst stakeholders and business units – resulting in a lack of visibility.

But there is a simple solution. eSourcing solutions, like Bonfire, can help you easily and effectively manage your organization’s tail spend.

Watch the webinar to hear from Andrew Wolfe, CEO of Wolfe Procurement and former procurement leader at OpenText, and learn how to use eSourcing technology to easily and effectively gain control over indirect spend and in turn, enhance your team’s strategic value.

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