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The rise of procurement’s next normal

How procurement teams are taking lessons learned from COVID-19 to enter the “next normal” with force

Public procurement’s next normal is here, and with it comes ongoing digitization; new priorities like cost-cutting, telecommuting, and process efficiency; and even new tools like AI. If all that sounds daunting, never fear—we’ve got your next normal survival guide.

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For many public agencies, COVID-19 forced 3-5 years’ worth of digital transformation to happen in just a few short months—changing the trajectory of procurement forever. This guide is packed with stories of how public procurement teams across North America navigated last year’s disruptions, and a look into the trends marking procurement’s next normal, so that you can continue blazing a bold path forward at your agency.

Key insights:

  • What “the digital imperative” means for public procurement, and how COVID-19 accelerated it
  • Why procurement digital transformation is more than a one-time initiative
  • How procurement can add strategic value amidst shrinking budgets
  • How to navigate emerging priorities like telework, process efficiency, and procurement for social good
  • Why data and AI are procurement’s newest (and most powerful) assets

Things aren’t going back to the way they were.

Download the essential guide to navigating public procurement in 2021 and beyond.

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