The Bonfire Difference

There is a wide range of bidding portals, sourcing modules, and eProcurement suites on the market. Here’s what sets Bonfire apart.

Your entire workflow, in one place

Bonfire is flexible to fit with your existing process, ensuring that every step of the decision — including the evaluation — is captured within the platform. That means no more juggling sourcing events across legacy software, spreadsheets, email, and group meetings. Bonfire delivers the simplicity of one end-to-end integrated sourcing platform, with tools to help you drive value.

Evaluation power tools 

See them in action

Use templates to collect and effortlessly aggregate vendor data for contextual side-by-side comparison and auto-scoring.


Easily filter supplier data, rank price, sort items into baskets, and perform what-if analyses to optimize vendor selection in line-item bids.

Multi-category Decisions

Create parent and child projects to distribute decisions and make multiple awards across separate locations or categories.  

Reverse Auctions

Run reverse auctions online to encourage competition between a shortlisted group of vendors.

Unmatched client support

Our dedicated implementation team tailors Bonfire to your needs and helps your team get started on the right foot. The support doesn’t end there, though. We provide ongoing coaching and unlimited training to ensure that Bonfire continues to work for you as your organizational demands change. With responsive client support for buyers, evaluators, and vendors, no question goes unanswered.

Built for procurement

We created Bonfire with procurement’s needs at the forefront, and continue to incorporate customer feedback into the product through regular updates. Do more of the work that matters with modern, intuitive software that delivers all the features you need (and none that you don’t) at a competitive price.

Data you can use

To us, big data is not a buzzword—it’s the key to confident decisions and evidence of procurement’s impact on the bottom line. With intuitive dashboards and powerful evaluation tools, Bonfire gives you the tools and data you need to power better sourcing today, while setting you on a technology path that will grow and scale into the future.