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Take a break and check out these relatable procurement videos

April 1, 2021 | Emily Lambert

Take a probably need it. Public procurement isn't easy. So sit back and have a laugh at the things that drive us all crazy.

Procurement isn’t an easy job—so sometimes we just need to laugh at the pet peeves and mishaps that drive us all crazy.

Do your colleagues believe that a conversation at the water cooler is a totally adequate way to submit a procurement request? Ever get a bid protest because the vendor lost a thumb drive between their car seats? We have a feeling you’ll relate to these “day in the life” videos. 

Procurement Pet Peeve #36: The Bid Protest

Even for those of us who have been in public procurement for years, we still have those “haven’t heard that one before” moments when dealing with a bid protest. What’s the craziest excuse you’ve heard from a vendor who wasn’t able to properly submit their bid or RFP response? 


Procurement Benchmarking: Google Can Solve It!

If you were to look back at your Google search history, how often have you had to search “RFP templates for…”? Don’t worry, you’re not alone (which is why we designed Bonfire so users can access crowd-sourced templates directly within the platform). 


Procurement’s New Normal: Pandemic Life

Ah, early quarantine…so many memories…watching Tiger King, transferring bid openings and consensus meetings to Zoom, scrolling for hours to find PPE and hand sanitizer suppliers that had available stock…unfortunately that’s still the reality for many of us (well, maybe not the Tiger King part). 


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