Process Details

Seamless online submission

Cut your team's administrative workload in half. Bonfire receives, timestamps, and manages submissions automatically.

Complete submissions every time

Bonfire's structured submission process ensures that you only receive complete submissions, resulting in 65% fewer disqualified bids and a more efficient process.

Airtight compliance

Strict control over supplier file submission and indisputable deadlines mean an immediate boost in compliance.

The data you need, in a format you can use

No more copying and pasting into spreadsheets. Bonfire automatically aggregates templated responses such as Questionnaires and BidTables in a side-by-side comparison.

Clear visibility into how a project is unfolding

View the status of your projects in real-time, including when new vendors register, documents are taken, and new submissions are received.

Online submission unlike any other.

See how Bonfire uniquely gives you complete control and visibility:

"The tool has allowed us to streamline workflow. We've eliminated all the paper copies coming in the door, and we can track the status of any given project at any time.”

Director of PurchasingMunicipal Government