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Bonfire's online bidding portal

Reach the right suppliers

Bonfire's online bidding portal delivers transparency and time-savings for you and your suppliers.

Public, private, or invite-only posting

Easily control which projects are public, private, or invite-only. Use commodity codes to match suppliers to your projects.

Centralized communication

Calm the chaos in your inbox. Post public notices, conduct vendor Q&A, set reminders for your team, and communicate with internal clients all within the platform.

Transparent timelines

All relevant project details are displayed on one page. It's easy for vendors to access the information they need and stay on top of deadlines.

Supplier friendly platform

The average submission time for first-time bidders on Bonfire is only eight minutes. No wonder 90% of suppliers would recommend Bonfire for online submissions compared to paper and older bidding portals!

Finally: a platform suppliers love.

See how Bonfire makes supplier solicitation fast and easy for all:

"This was simply the best proposal submission vehicle I've used. Clear instructions, easy uploading. I wish every public agency used this system."

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