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How do RFPs unfold at public sector institutions across North America? 

Find out in the 2019 State of the RFP report, which uses data from over $1B in public sector RFP decisions to provide never-before-seen insights on the RFP process. 

Foreword by Ovum. 

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  • Benchmarks on RFP set-up, vendor submissions, and evaluations
  • Data-driven answers to your questions about vendor participation, project duration, and evaluator behavior
  • A deep-dive into the set-up of the three most common types of RFP projects.

Did you know?

The average RFP evaluation takes 31 days

45% of public sector RFPs receive 3 or fewer vendor submissions

Each year, the average procurement team receives 8,350 pages of vendor submissions

Access never-before-seen insights into the RFP process.