2018 State of the RFP

Webinar: An inside look at RFP benchmarks
and what they mean for your team

On December 12, join us for a rare glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ on over 6,600 RFP projects as we discuss the results of our comprehensive benchmarking survey.


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Wednesday, December 12
1 p.m. EST

The complexity and scrutiny of public sector sourcing decisions has never been higher than it is today. Procurement professionals must deliver timely, fair, high-value decisions, while balancing the needs of a growing number of stakeholders across the organization.

In this climate, the Request for Proposal (RFP) has never been more relevant. Using our unique insight into how billions of dollars of purchasing decisions are made, we investigate key RFP benchmarks and how they are changing year to year.

Find out what other organizations are experiencing in terms of:

  • Schedule and duration of the RFP process
  • Project set-up (criteria and requested information)
  • Typical set-up and timelines for evaluations
  • Average pricing spread between vendors
  • Cost savings delivered by the average RFP