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The State of
Public Sourcing:
COVID-19 Edition

The ONLY report of its kind, the Bonfire State of Public Sourcing Report: COVID-19 Edition analyzes the projects conducted by hundreds of North American public procurement teams since the pandemic started, uncovering critical trends, insights, and recommendations for a new path forward.


In this report, we look at first-party data to
get you never-before-seen insights, such as…

  • How procurement teams have made speed and efficiency a priority

  • How IT & software investments have surged within public agencies

  • Why vendor competition is on the rise


  • How remote work is impacting procurement processes

  • Why evaluator consensus is taking a hit

  • Why procurement work is increasingly happening outside of office hours

During the COVID-19 crisis, Omdia has seen supply chains become brittle, inconsistent, and in some cases, inoperable. It has never been more important for government procurement teams to strengthen, stabilize, and regulate the procurement process with digital tools like Bonfire. It is no longer a question of whether governments should transform their procurement and go digital: Work from home, flexible working hours, and the need for rapid and efficient processing and evaluation of bids demands it. If not for the government agency themselves, then for the citizens they serve.

Terry White, IT procurement expert covering procurement and disruptive technologies at global technology research firm Omdia.

Discover how your North American public procurement peers have responded to COVID-19

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