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3 podcasts for public procurement professionals

January 31, 2019 | Bonfire Interactive

speaker podcasts to listen to for public procurement professionals

Are you one of the 42 million weekly podcast listeners in the US? If so, we have some new suggestions to add to your playlist. If not — what are you waiting for?

Podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years. They offer great stories, inspiration, education, and career and life advice. The digestible audio format is great for multitasking, so you can tune in on your commute, on the treadmill, in the waiting room, or while doing the dishes.

There’s truly a podcast for every topic, including procurement. Here are our three top podcast recommendations for public procurement professionals:

1. Public Procurement Leaders, presented by Public Spend Forum

This podcast provides a unique opportunity to be a fly on the wall in candid conversations about “successes and innovations in the public sector, and the people who are making them happen.”

Interviews range from procurement leaders at the federal, state, and local level, from the Chief Procurement Officer for the State of Alaska, to the Procurement Benchmarking program coordinator at the World Bank.

Try this episode: Public Procurement Leaders Podcast with Jack Pellegrino

This interview with Jack Pellegrino, Director of the Office of Purchasing and Contracting for the county of San Diego, discusses how his department adapted their procedures to help the County respond quickly to forest fire threats. He also covers who the ‘customer’ is in county procurement, and how the department collects and measures internal customer satisfaction as a measure of performance.

2. GovLove: A podcast about local government, presented by Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL)

Broadcasting from City Hall in Durham, North Carolina, this podcast will definitely lift your spirits and energize your efforts towards continuous improvement. Hear interviews with ambitious public servants who are working hard to improve government and overcoming many of the same challenges you face. You’ll also gain insight into the day-to-day experience of local government officials and pick up tidbits of career advice along the way.  

Try this episode: Episode #201 Data & Procurement in Boston, MA with Laura Melle & Stefanie Costa Leabo

In this interview, hear more about some of the procurement reform efforts Boston has undergone in partnership with the What Works Cities initiative. Guest speakers discuss how they are reframing the narrative around procurement from ‘the people who say “no”’ to capacity-builders helping other city departments help address their challenges.

3. Inside Public Procurement: Heroic Stories from the Frontlines by Bonfire

Procurement professionals like you are the lifeblood of public sector organizations, dedicated to supporting your agency and the constituents you serve. That’s why we created the Inside Public Procurement podcast here at Bonfire—a unique place where we share stories and discuss topics that matter to public procurement pros. Each episode brings you the latest trends, tips, and real stories from other procurement trailblazers who work tirelessly to bring positive impact to the agencies and communities they serve. 

Try this episode: Episode #1 Driving Efficiency (And Impact) with Cooperative Bids

This interview with Jennifer Frates, Chief Procurement Officer at Barnstable County, dives into the benefits of transparency and cooperative purchasing. We discuss the importance of transparency, the benefits of cooperative bids, and why the public sector should take better advantage of technology.

Listen to Inside Public Procurement on our website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or just search “Inside Public Procurement” on your favorite podcast app.

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