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Headshot of Rachel Friesen, Director of Client Experience at Bonfire

Episode 0: Introducing the Inside Public Procurement Podcast

Trailer | 6 minutes

Episode Overview:

In this introductory episode, Jordan Alford, Producer at Sweetfish Media, chats with Rachel Friesen, host of the show and a leader on the Client Experience team at Bonfire Interactive, about creating a space for procurement professionals to learn and share knowledge.

What we talked about:

  • How Bonfire Interactive supports government agencies through their purchasing goals
  • Equipping all procurement professionals with best practices to support their agency and community
  • Topics that will be discussed in the show

We’re looking for guests to feature on the podcast! If you’re interested — and you work in public procurement — reach out to us at and indicate your interest.

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About our guest

Bonfire Customer Experience - Rachel Friesen

Rachel Friesen | Bonfire Interactive

As the Director of Client Experience at Bonfire, Rachel and her team work with government agencies across North America to help them reach their procurement goals.


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You’re listening to Inside Public Procurement, by Bonfire, a show celebrating the unique stories and heroic efforts of those on the front lines of public procurement. Each episode we bring you the latest trends, tips, and real stories from procurement trailblazers like you, who work tirelessly to bring positive impact to the agencies and communities you serve. Together let’s elevate the field of public procurement to new heights. Now, pull up a chair, and let’s gather around the bonfire. Our show is about to begin.

Jordan (00:39):

Hello, and welcome to the introductory episode of Inside Public Procurement. My name is Jordan Alford and I’m one of the producers of the show. We’re here today with Rachel Friesen, a leader on the client experience team at Bonfire. Rachel, how’s it going today?

Rachel Friesen (00:53):

I’m doing wonderful. How are you doing, Jordan?

Jordan (00:55):

I’m doing great. I’m so happy to have you here. Rachel, what is one of your highlights, your biggest highlights of the week so far?

Rachel Friesen (01:03):

I think I’m embracing the aging process. It was my birthday this week. So I’m actually pretty happy about that. One year wiser, hopefully, and a little bit sharper. We’ll see how things go.

Jordan (01:12):

Well, yay. Congratulations. Well, so to give everyone a bit more context, today we’ll be talking about what you, the listener, can expect to hear from the podcast. But before we jump into that, Rachel, tell us a little bit about yourself and the work that you’re doing at Bonfire?

Rachel Friesen (01:27):

Here at Bonfire, I am on the client experience team. So what that looks like here is we work with government agencies across North America, really supporting them in reaching their procurement goals. Many of them come to us and this is the first time they’re shedding their paper process and coming online and we’re really translating what our tool can support them towards, goal-wise, with their process and really working with them longterm. So whether that’s implementing them into the tool, supporting their vendors in the evenings, we everyday kind of wake up and end the day supporting government agencies through their purchasing goals.

Jordan (02:02):

Awesome. So why did the team at bonfire decide to start this podcast?

Rachel Friesen (02:07):

Public procurement professionals, we believe are the unsung heroes of our communities. Strong procurement teams not only support the success of their organizations, but they support their communities by spending taxpayer dollars effectively. Procurement, it can often be a small team, sometimes even one person, which means they don’t always have the opportunity to learn from the expertise of their peers. At Bonfire it is our mission to provide a space for shared insight through our webinars, our client newsletters, our online learning system, to really support our agencies, share best practices, and whether they are awarding a $300 million contract that supports an entire region or they’re trying to diversify and expand their vendor pool, we do want to unlock and open up that knowledge sharing beyond our client base to equip all procurement professionals with tips and tricks and best practices to support their agency and their community. And what better way to do that than through a podcast?

Jordan (03:02):

Wow. Well, I absolutely agree. So what can listeners expect to hear when they listen to each episode?

Rachel Friesen (03:09):

We will be bringing together on the ground procurement professionals from public agencies across North America to talk about the unique challenges and best practices in procurement today. Topics will include how to ensure a fair and transparent process, innovating and digitizing your operations, and of course saving costs and driving value. Public procurement is not an easy job, but we want to make it easier. Whether you work for a municipality, a school board, a transit authority, or any other public agency, this podcast is for you.

Jordan (03:40):

Wow. Well, absolutely. You mentioned a little bit about how public procurement is not an easy job and what’s a common belief in the public procurement space that Bonfire may disagree with or see differently than others?

Rachel Friesen (03:55):

Often we believe there’s a misconception that procurement agencies and teams are solely administrative and really there to be stewards of the process, not innovators of it. But we believe that procurement teams are poised to be the strategic drivers of change within their organization, that themselves, their vendors, and internal clients are ready for a digital shift and they are the innovators and they are those that drive value and change.

Jordan (04:23):

Great. Great. So, Rachel, how can listeners connect with you in case they have ideas for episode topics or guests that you should feature on the show?

Rachel Friesen (04:31):

Whether you’re a leader or a practitioner, if you’ve been in public procurement for two years or 20 or this is your first year, we are looking for guests with a diversity of perspectives from a range of industries and geographies. So if you are interested on being on the podcast, please reach out and contact us at and indicate your interest and we will reach out to you.

Jordan (04:54):

Great, great. Well that wraps it up for our introductory episode. Rachel, thank you so much for joining me today. I’m really excited to see this show grow. And thank you to everyone listening in today. Make sure that you come back and tune in to episode one of Inside Public Procurement.

Procurement professionals like you are the lifeblood of public sector organizations, dedicated not only to supporting your agency, but the constituents you serve. That’s why we’ve created the Inside Public Procurement podcast here at Bonfire, a unique place where you can share stories and discuss the topics that matter to public procurement pros. From digitization and the future of public procurement to ensuring a fair and transparent process, we’re all about finding new strategies to help your agency succeed. Join us at to learn more.

You’ve been listening to Inside Public Procurement by Bonfire. If you like what you’ve heard, make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode. And if you have an idea for an episode or want to come on as a guest, email us at [email protected] Thanks for tuning in. We’ll see you next time.


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