Bonfire for Municipal Procurement

Sourcing software built for the unique needs of city and county procurement teams.

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Faster sourcing decisions that deliver value to citizens

Simplify your sourcing process and equip your team with the tools to drive best value decisions, with the Bonfire Strategic Sourcing Platform.

Many municipal procurement teams are barely staying afloat amidst the administrative demands of a paper-based bid and RFP process.

Bonfire helps teams get their heads above water. The easy-to-use online platform eliminates manual steps and frees up capacity for process improvements and proactive management of your municipality’s current and future procurement needs.

  • Manage the entire process, from posting to evaluation, in one online platform
  • Use templates to save time on project creation and ensure compliant configuration
  • Stay on top of deadlines with real-time progress dashboards

With public spend under scrutiny, a paper-based purchasing process is simply too risky. Responding to audits and vendor debriefs takes hours of staff time, and there’s always a chance that lost documents or inadequately justified scores will come back to haunt you.

Bonfire brings peace of mind to the purchasing process. With all sourcing activities, documents, and communication centralized in one online platform, you can access complete audit trails and enforce compliance best practices, for a fair and transparent process.

  • Post all opportunities, current contracts, and past awards on a public online portal for transparency
  • Ensure bids are sealed until evaluation and limit sensitive data to the appropriate evaluators
  • Instantly export complete summary reports for debriefs or audits

Many procurement teams are so pressed for time, it’s all they can do to get projects out the door — leading to overworked staff, rushed or poorly planned projects, and decisions that don’t align with big-picture organizational goals.

Bonfire allows you to establish a standardized end-to-end sourcing process that promotes consistency and efficiency across all buyers. With specialized evaluation tools for quicker analysis and seamless stakeholder involvement, buyers can facilitate best-value decisions in less time.

  • Collaborate with evaluators seamlessly through the platform
  • Segment and release proposal documents to evaluators in stages
  • Compare qualitative requirements side-by-side for efficient scoring

Procurement software that is easy to implement and use

Bonfire is designed to be easy to use, with low training requirements and a painless implementation process. Ongoing coaching for buyers and award-winning customer support for all users, including vendors and evaluators, ensures maximum value from the platform.

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Trusted by municipal procurement teams

The Bonfire Strategic Sourcing Platform holds a Cooperative Contract with the Texas DIR (DIR-TSO-4363). Find out more.


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