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Make it easy for vendors to do business with your agency

January 27, 2021 | Meghan Hennessey

Kokosing Industrial (Bonfire vendor) construction employee working on a roof

As a public agency, you support your vendor community and you also depend on them. In order to ensure you receive the best value for your procured goods or services (and that you’re spending taxpayers’ dollars most effectively!), you need competition. And that starts with getting your opportunity in front of more qualified vendors. 

Bonfire Strategic Sourcing Software’s vendor database helps public procurement agents flag suppliers when a bid is posted that matches their commodity code. Additionally, users can invite vendors to bid on their opportunity as well.  

That all sounds well and good for my procurement team, you may say, but what about my vendors? We get it—nurturing strong vendor relationships is one of your top priorities. The last thing you want is to frustrate them with a confusing and arduous submission process.

So what do vendors that do business with public agencies think of Bonfire? We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • In the last year, Bonfire doubled the number of vendors that public agencies have access to in the platform, with approximately 250,000 vendors in the database. 
  • Vendors can access Bonfire opportunities, view requirements, and submit bids entirely online, at no cost.
  • Vendors have the option to subscribe to Bonfire Premium Vendors, allowing them to access an exclusive portal featuring 20,000+ new projects a year, as well as receive notifications of matching opportunities. Suppliers love the features so much that we saw Premium Vendor subscriptions grow by 724% in the past year.

Responding to public bids is easy: A Bonfire vendor story

Kokosing Industrial is one of the largest water and waste-water general contractors and design builders in the USA. They use Bonfire to electronically find, manage, and respond to construction RFPs issued by a Bonfire client, as well as other public sector agencies.

When their client first started using Bonfire, they had some apprehensions about how the submission process would work, and how much extra time would be required to sort through technical challenges. As Preconstruction Manager at Kokosing, Dennis Tinkler, explains, “When you’re trying to figure out technology and make sure it works, sometimes it’s a challenge. But quite frankly, we didn’t have any problems with Bonfire and that’s truly what I appreciated.”

Some of the benefits Kokosing Industrial experienced as a Bonfire vendor include:

  • Visibility – They can view all bid documents, requirements, public notices, and timelines in one centralized place
  • Upload confirmation – They receive confirmation of successful document upload and data entry that clearly indicate the information has been correctly submitted. Once the response is submitted, they receive a timestamped submission receipt.
  • Communication – They can receive and reply to communications through Bonfire so all information is tracked, transparent and centralized.
  • Paperless – No more emails, curriers, or undocumented phone calls.

To learn more about how Kokosing Industrial uses Bonfire to electronically find, manage, and respond to construction RFPs, check out the video here.

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Meghan Hennessey | Bonfire Interactive

As the Marketing Communications Manager at Bonfire, Meghan follows current procurement trends through analyst and media relations. With a passion for community and innovation, Meghan believes in building meaningful relationships with clients and industry experts to contribute to the growth of the industry, supporting it through strong brand communications and multimedia content development.