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The power of intake

How a collaborative intake request process empowers better project outcomes for your procurement team, your colleagues, and your agency

The power of intake cover page

In procurement, project success can be distilled into one simple question: Did we buy what we need, on budget, on time, and by the rules?

To secure more successful bid and RFP outcomes, procurement must be brought in at the beginning of every project. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. A digital and collaborative intake process has the power to better connect procurement with the needs of your internal clients, driving better outcomes for everyone.

Learn how a collaborative and digital intake process...
  • Helps you get the right information from your colleagues early so that you can add strategic value to project planning
  • Removes barriers to procurement and sets expectations early, strengthening relationships and collaboration between you and your peers
  • Improves project visibility for your leadership team, and how to articulate this value to senior management