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Procurement’s personnel problem

Bonfire on procurement personnel

How eSourcing helps municipal procurement teams manage staff turnover and succession plans

Local government procurement teams are facing a significant challenge: how to maintain consistent procurement service delivery amidst the compounding pressures of chronic understaffing and high retirement rates?

It’s a challenge to keep up with bid and RFP project volumes at the best of times, but staffing disruptions make it next to impossible. The problem will only become more acute as experienced staff retire, taking decades of institutional knowledge with them. Technology can be part of the solution. Learn more about how digitization of the bid and RFP process helps facilitate smooth staffing transitions.

Download the whitepaper to learn how eSourcing can help facilitate smooth staffing transitions by:
  • Extending the capacity of overstretched teams through process efficiency;
  • Operationalizing best practices for smooth onboarding and training; and
  • Providing clear visibility to ensure your team never misses a beat.