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How to foster stakeholder collaboration for better campus outcomes

Bonfire on stakeholder collaboration for campuses

In the hyper-competitive higher education marketplace, procurement is a key lever to maximize funding while delivering crucial goods and services to the campus.

However, many higher education procurement departments are hampered by historical silos that make it difficult to get on the same page with campus stakeholders. In the bid and RFP process, this often leads to delays, misaligned requirements, and fraught relationships.

Sourcing technology can play a key role in breaking down silos and providing a smoother path to collaboration in the bid and RFP process.

Download the whitepaper for more on:
  • The role of technology in enhancing stakeholder collaboration
  • Why Procure-to-Pay systems are not enough to manage your bid and RFP process
  • Four concrete ways you can use eSourcing software to collaborate better with internal stakeholders