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Great project outcomes start at the source

Why spreadsheets and ERPs are not enough to manage water utilities' spending decisions

eBook cover for Great Project Outcomes Start at the Source

Water utilities procurement teams face unique challenges as they manage a timely, efficient, and compliant bid and RFP process, in most cases without the right tools for the job.

Many teams have moved at least part of their purchasing process online, using basic electronic posting to advertise opportunities, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for financial processes. However, there is a major gap when it comes to the evaluation of RFPs. This means that complex RFP decisions for capital projects, equipment, and technology are being managed through spreadsheets and email.

This is not simply an administrative burden on the procurement team, it’s also a source of risk to the organization. Manual data entry and other time-consuming steps make the purchasing process susceptible to delays and errors, which have a trickle-down effect on project outcomes, risking disruption of service and bad publicity for your organization.

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