eBook | Vendor Fees – Are they worth the risk?

For years, there has been a discussion in the public sector about the viability of vendor-funded procurement software as a method of offsetting the cost of procurement software to the organization. In this model, vendors are charged fees to access open RFPs or bids, download documents, submit responses, or otherwise interact with procurement opportunities. 

If you are considering using vendor fees to fund your sourcing software, you should know exactly what you’re getting into.¬†Despite the temptation to reduce costs up-front, vendor fees pose many risks to public sector sourcing performance, including:

  • Strained supplier relationships;
  • Unnecessarily complicated submission process for suppliers;
  • Decreased participation in your opportunities; and
  • Lack of innovation or customer support from your software provides/

In this eBook, discover the true costs of vendor fees to your organization, and why finding funding for a modern sourcing platform should be a priority.