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The True Cost of Your Paper RFP Process

The True Cost of Your Paper RFP Process

Many procurement teams are still using paper and spreadsheets to run their competitive bidding and RFP process, even while other areas of the organization modernize. There are many reasons for keeping paper around, whether it’s lagging laws that require paper copies, a lack of funding for digital tools, or simply comfort with the ‘way things have always been.’

However, it’s becoming increasingly apparent to procurement leaders that the status quo is no longer sustainable. At a time where public procurement is under immense fiscal pressure and growing transparency demands, these manual processes are  costly in the form of wasted time and missed opportunity for value.

We will cover how eSourcing can help cut down on spend and improve efficiency. Included within are five case studies from real public sector organizations across North America who have leveraged eSourcing to eliminate paper processes, demonstrating a way forward for addressing this gap and realizing time and money savings for your organization.

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