eBook | The Hardest Part of the Hardest Job

Procurement teams have the insight and expertise to deliver strategic impact to their organizations—but when supplier selection is conducted using manual processes, it’s difficult to realize truly strategic sourcing.

Relying on paper submissions, Excel-based scoring, and limited bidding tools is time-consuming and stressful for procurement teams and stakeholders alike. But beyond the day-to-day administrative headaches, a manual sourcing process also restricts procurement’s ability to see the big picture and drive value organization-wide. 

In the world of escalating demands and limited resources, there are simple ways to make this difficult job easier, enhance your team’s efficiency, and help change the perception of procurement from roadblock to a strategic contributor. This eBook provides simple ways that technology and digital tools can help to streamline the supplier selection process, leading to greater efficiency, a more positive perception of procurement, and greater strategic impact across the organization.