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Advocating for procurement digital tools during a global pandemic

Cover page for advocating for digital procurement tools

As COVID-19 (and for many, the transition to remote work) continues to affect procurement teams, we decided to dig into our expansive database of bids and RFPs to understand what lessons could be learned so that public agencies can future-proof their procurement processes for any future disruption to business continuity.

We found that procurement teams are facing unprecedented challenges as they are under pressure to conduct competitive events faster than ever before, all while managing declining evaluator consensus and engagement. At the same time, as procurement teams acquire supplies and services that address their constituents’ needs amidst this global health crisis, the importance of procurement has never been more clear.

Based on our findings, we conclude that now is the time for procurement teams to advocate for tools that will streamline competitive events, optimize collaboration between procurement and the rest of your agency, and get procurement remote work-ready.

To better understand why procurement teams should advocate for digital tools, this report looks at:
  • What procurement teams are doing to get projects to the frontlines quickly and compliantly during COVID-19
  • Trends that point to evaluators desiring flexible options for completing their vendor evaluations
  • How public agencies' attitude towards technology is changing due to COVID-19 and remote work