End-to-end sourcing software for nonprofit teams

Bonfire delivers clear visibility and time savings through a modern, easy-to-use platform for sourcing or grant allocation decisions. With greater competition, faster cycle times, and smoother stakeholder engagement, you can drive decisions that take your funding dollars further.

Decision-making software for less administration, greater social impact

  • Vendor/grant-seeker registration and submission portal
  • Secure online document distribution
  • Customizable criteria and evaluation workflows, automatic score tabulation
  • Tools for side-by-side comparison and line-item bid analysis
  • Contract and performance management
  • Exportable audit reports
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Key benefits of Bonfire for spend management

Run projects in half the time

With your sourcing activities streamlined on Bonfire’s user-friendly platform, your to-do list will be shorter and your inbox quieter. Bonfire enables you to run projects in half the time and spend more time on high-impact activities that drive results for your organization.

Involve stakeholders seamlessly

With Bonfire, remove barriers across the organization and involve the right stakeholders at the right time, allowing project owners to get approvals quickly and easily. With real-time visibility into scoring progress, you can keep the evaluation on track and facilitate informed decisions.

Drive more value

With Bonfire, engage more vendors for greater competition and leverage powerful evaluation tools to optimize vendor selection. With complete spend visibility, you have the information you need to drive best value decisions.

Make reporting a breeze

Take spreadsheets out of the equation. Bonfire automatically captures a complete record of your sourcing decisions, along with real-time KPI dashboards. You can customize and export reports for stakeholders and donors at the click of a button, or access quick stats to provide an audit on impact.

Key benefits of Bonfire for grant management

Streamline grant applications

Bonfire’s online submission portal reduces the burden on grant-seekers, removing the hassle and expense of printing and shipping proposals. It’s easy for your team to collect structured application information and manage communication, all in one platform.

Make informed grant decisions

Involve stakeholders to review and score sections of the application, through flexible evaluation workflows. Contextual side-by-side comparison and auto-scoring help you make informed decisions more efficiently.

Assess the impact of funded programs

Customizable surveys allow you to continuously collect feedback from stakeholder groups. Visual dashboard give you accurate, up-to-the-minute information on the impact and effectiveness of your programs.

Demonstrate accountability to the public trust

With a robust and centralized system for grant applications and evaluation, you can ensure transparency in your funding decisions. Bonfire captures the entire process in exportable audit trails for ease of reporting.

Bonfire was designed from the ground up to deliver a more collaborative sourcing environment.

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