Sourcing software that delivers results 

Bonfire delivers clarity and speed in your sourcing decisions through a centralized platform for your sourcing and contract management process. With faster cycle times, easy stakeholder engagement, and clear visibility, procurement teams can unlock true strategic impact and drive better outcomes across the business.

End-to-end sourcing software for your team

  • Vendor registration and submission portal, with integrated COI and NDA declarations
  • Fully customizable criteria and evaluation workflows
  • Tools for side-by-side comparison and RFQ/SKU pricing analysis
  • Reverse auctions
  • Insights and KPIs
  • Contract and vendor performance management
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Key benefits of using Bonfire

Run more projects in less time

Leverage intuitive automation for improved process efficiency and frictionless stakeholder engagement. From event templates to automatic score tabulation, Bonfire saves time and frees team capacity to capture more spend and drive more value.

See the whole picture

Bonfire provides real-time insights across your suppliers, categories, and departments. With all of your sourcing data centralized, you gain instant visibility — from high-level KPIs such as spend and savings, down to the smallest details of an individual project, such as evaluator progress.

Get started in weeks

Bonfire is easy to implement, ensuring high adoption rates and quick time-to-value. Our client support team supports your vendors, buyers, evaluators, and observers — no IT or internal support resources required.

Involve stakeholders easily

Remove roadblocks to stakeholder participation with flexible user roles and an intuitive, user-friendly experience. Bonfire facilitates seamless collaboration on event creation, project evaluation, and contract management, making it painless for end users to engage with procurement, and standardizing sourcing best practices across business locations.

Bonfire was designed from the ground up to deliver a more collaborative sourcing environment.

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We understand the challenges facing procurement teams, and we’d love to show you how Bonfire can work for your company. Speak with a member of our team

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