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How Bonfire is helping public agencies during COVID-19

March 26, 2020 | Corry Flatt

computer in home office for public agencies during covid-19

It’s no secret that procurement teams are facing unprecedented challenges right now. As provincial/state and local governments, schools, and public healthcare respond to COVID-19, procurement teams are working around-the-clock to ensure emergency procurements continue to happen quickly and compliantly. On top of that, you may even be navigating a new and unfamiliar reality of working from home. 

I say it in the video below—procurement plays a vital role in any crisis. Now, more than ever, it’s critical that you meet project deadlines to serve the constituents who are looking to your public agency for help in times like these. As a leader in North American procurement technology, we want to help. 

Over the past few weeks, Bonfire has heard so much client feedback that our strategic sourcing platform is playing a critical role in ensuring their procurements rise to the challenge in these uncertain times. Now, we want to help more public agencies meet their business continuity plans—which is why we have developed our Bonfire COVID-19 Emergency Response Program to offer our platform for free to public sector organizations in North America. I go into some more detail in my rather low-budget video below (when you’re practicing social distancing and don’t have any fancy equipment around your house, you do what you need to do!). 

If you’re unfamiliar with Bonfire, our software brings the historically paper-and-Excel procurement process online, from bid and RFP listing, to vendor submission, to bid/proposal evaluation, to awarding a contract quickly and compliantly. 

Our Emergency Response Program is completely free-of-charge and there is no obligation to continue with Bonfire once the Program is complete. The Program for new users includes:

  • Free access until July 31, 2020 for users, evaluators, vendors, and unlimited bid and RFx projects
  • Ability to create, solicit, evaluate, and award bids remotely with simple online tools
  • Access to Bonfire’s large vendor network. Additionally, there are no fees for vendors to view bid documents or submit responses
  • Group implementation and training to get you up-and-running quickly
  • In-app collaboration tools and data visualizations to bring evaluation meetings online and facilitate decision-making

At Bonfire, we currently help more than 350 public sector organizations action the mission-critical procurements that meet their constituents’ needs—even when working remotely. 

We know that in times like these, there is so much uncertainty, and the demands on procurement are greater than ever. We want to assure you that we at Bonfire are here for you, and we’ll get through this together. 

All the best,


About the author

Bonfire Blog Author Corry Flatt

Corry Flatt | Bonfire Interactive

As GTY Executive Vice President of Strategy, Corry Flatt brings a prestigious background building growth strategies and previously led marketing initiatives at several technology companies including Canada’s Silicon Valley North, Kik, and Miovision Technologies.  Prior to joining the GTY leadership team, Corry was co-founder and CEO of Bonfire, a GTY business unit focused on transforming public sector procurement.