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Find Procurement Software That’s Easy to Use

Procurement is at the centre of every organization: teams are required to work across departments to source vendors, goods, and services that will provide the best value for the best price, while fulfilling requirements. But all too often, departments become siloed, and department personnel view the procurement process as bureaucratic and inefficient. The result is an increase in rogue spending and a reluctance to involve procurement, which can lead to rushed or delayed spending decisions.

So how do procurement teams change the perception and gain recognition as a strategic partner in the organization? Make the process easy. By bringing your complete workflow—including proposal evaluation—off paper and into the cloud, teams can leverage the unique benefits of eSourcing and procurement solutions.

Key Take-aways: 

  • Understand how procurement software can speed up approval and evaluation times;
  • Recognize how user-friendly software encourages stakeholder participation and improves perception of the procurement process.
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