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Celebrating heroes for procurement appreciation month

March 1, 2021 | Meghan Hennessey

Two public procurement professionals chatting and laughing

Our friends at The Institute for Public Procurement have declared March as “Procurement Appreciation Month” and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate the too-often unsung heroes of public agencies. Procurement Appreciation Month is celebrated throughout the month of March and is dedicated to honoring public procurement professionals. It provides a more formal opportunity to take time to thank all public procurement teams for the work they accomplish throughout the year. 

Here at Bonfire, we are passionate about supporting our public procurement clients and ensuring their success. We’re always amazed at the lengths they go to in order to make things happen and support their teams or their internal clients. 

We ran a questionnaire for our Bonfire employees and asked them “How do you describe our clients?” The answers included key words like heroes, hustlers, innovative, caring, and front-line supporters. Especially in the last year of COVID-19, teams have risen to the challenge and found new ways of working while ensuring day-to-day operations take on little to no impact amidst the disruption. 

Word cloud of words the Bonfire team used to describe procurement heroes—including innovative, caring, and trailblazers

Many of our clients have also won awards recently and we couldn’t be more proud! The Ventura County Government procurement team announced that they were awarded the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement from the National Procurement Institute (NPI). Congratulations team! Procurement Manager Cliff Chroust shared his excitement for the win and said, “The 2020 Achievement of Excellence in Procurement award arrived!!! It’s a great procurement team that makes this happen!” 

LinkedIn post about Ventura County's achievement of excellence in procurement award

Thank you to all of the Bonfire procurement heroes who push the boundaries of innovation and inspire our team to come to work every day and think of new functionality to support you. We love being a part of your team!

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Meghan Hennessey | Bonfire Interactive

As the Marketing Communications Manager at Bonfire, Meghan follows current procurement trends through analyst and media relations. With a passion for community and innovation, Meghan believes in building meaningful relationships with clients and industry experts to contribute to the growth of the industry, supporting it through strong brand communications and multimedia content development.