Introducing Bonfire Intake

Organize your opportunity pipeline, gain category intelligence through data insights, and start your projects on the right foot.

Does your procurement request intake process look like back-and-forth emails, or even a conversation in the hallway? With no formalized process in place, prioritization and planning can be a challenge, risking delays or even project failures. That’s why we’ve introduced Bonfire Intake. The result is better outcomes for your procurement team, your stakeholders, and your agency as a whole.

Join our webinar on Thursday, July 16 at 1 p.m. EST to learn more about Bonfire Intake.

Join our July 16
webinar to learn
how Bonfire Intake…

  • Helps you get the right information from your colleagues early, and how in-app benchmarks and templates can help your procurement team add strategic value to project planning
  • Removes barriers to procurement and sets expectations early, strengthening relationships and collaboration between you and your peers
  • Improves project visibility for your leadership team, and how to articulate this value to your management

Bring it all online. Then elevate your game.

Screenshot of Bonfire's project dashboard, overlaid with an image of hands typing on a keyboard

Bring your entire process online to ensure 100% compliance, reduced cycle times, and transparency.

Then, unlock procurement’s potential with data-driven tools and insights that enable procurement professionals to drive greater agency impact, achieve better outcomes, and engage colleagues along the way.

Bonfire Intake

Connect with your peers. Drive better outcomes.

Introducing Bonfire Intake, designed to make it easy for your colleagues to bring their requests to procurement. Now, you can integrate strategic planning at the start of every project, setting-up all your bids and RFPs to succeed. Improve project visibility for buyers and requestors with a centralized pipeline and status updates.

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Screenshots of Bonfire's benchmarking product, overlaid with images of professionals in an office setting

Bonfire Benchmarks

Back your decisions with national and local data and templates

Say goodbye to searching Google to find RFP templates to kick-off your process. Get insight into benchmarks and templates instantly by leveraging in-app data surfaced from our library of 40,000+ bids and RFPs. Make confident, data-driven recommendations to your stakeholders by setting expectations for timelines, criteria weighting, vendor participation, and requested information.

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Bonfire for Bidding

Price-driven bids are now easier than ever before

Whether you call them bids, quotes, or invitationals, running quick and compliant price-driven bids is critical to meet the fast-paced demands of your agency. That’s why we’ve built new tools and templates for your straightforward and price-driven bids—so you can go to market fast and get immediate results, without sacrificing compliance.

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Visual depiction of Bonfire's new product design

New Design

Beautifully designed to serve you better

After a lot of research and testing with our incredible clients, we’ve given our platform a makeover that we’re super proud to reveal. It’s familiar, faster, cleaner, and easier than ever before for your team and stakeholders to learn and use.

Enter a new era of
public procurement with Bonfire

Whether you’re currently a Bonfire client or you’re looking for an eSourcing tool that does more than simply bring your processes online, dig deeper into Bonfire’s newest features in our upcoming webinar.

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