Championing change in your organization

Procurement teams today are at the tipping point: growing project volumes, fewer resources, and increased scrutiny mean that it is no longer feasible for teams to rely on basic bidding tools and manual processes for their competitive bidding and RFx process.

Leveraging a procurement technology solution to bring your supplier selection online is imperative for modern teams. However, change is never easy: choosing the right software, making the business case to obtain it, and rolling out the platform to your team and stakeholders is a big job.

In a recent webinar offered in partnership with Purchasing B2B, we spoke with two procurement professionals who have led the process of implementing a new software solution in their organization.

In this wide-ranging discussion, Tracey Ens, Director, Procurement Services, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Lili Chen, Manager, Procurement Management, University Health Network, shared their experience, including:

  • Their own ‘tipping point’ which launched the process of finding and implementing a new software solution;
  • How they managed change within their organization to ensure successful adoption; and
  • How bringing on the right tools has helped them drive more business value and elevate the reputation of procurement in their organization.

For other procurement professionals at the ‘tipping point,’ they offer this advice:

“Take the time to perform a current state assessment; look at your people, your policies, procedures, your technology and the resources you have on hand. Then put in place a desired future state. Where do you want to be a year to two years from now? Take advantage of the technology in the market to gain those efficiencies, to support your processes, and increase your compliance.” -Lili Chen, Manager, Procurement Management, University Health Network

“Don’t be afraid to be the innovator. Take the calculated risk, because when they pay off, they pay off big. Your department will get a new respect in your organization that it’s never had before. It elevates the profile of procurement.

It’s important to remember that procurement influences the profitability of every area of the organization. We have direct influence over the business operations, and we need to capitalize on our expertise. Procurement is known for staying in the shadows — we need to self-promote a little bit and make sure people know how important our function is. You only do that by being willing to take some risks.” -Tracey Ens, Director, Procurement Services, Wilfrid Laurier University

View the full webinar.