Bonfire and Maine Pointe announce partnership

This week, Bonfire and Maine Pointe announced their partnership to benefit the private equity market. Maine Pointe is a global supply chain and operations consulting firm focused on offering data-enriched tools to empower clients in the private equity market.


How Maine Pointe uses Bonfire


As long-term Bonfire users, Maine Pointe’s procurement experts work closely with their in-house data analysts to deploy our cloud-based sourcing software to their clients, helping them to leverage deeper collaboration, deeper data, and deeper automation for more strategic sourcing decisions.

“We are excited to become a Bonfire Partner,” said Nathanael Powrie, Maine Pointe’s Executive Vice President, Data Analytics. “Maine Pointe helps its clients go to market with billions in spend annually. Time and complexity are traditionally a huge challenge for our team when we are managing multiple sourcing events. Bonfire is the most agile e-sourcing platform on the market and allows us to manage the global supply base from a centralized, secure environment.”


The Power of Data Analytics


Data analytics capability is foundational to Maine Pointe’s Total Value Optimization™ (TVO) approach to transforming the end-to-end supply chain into a competitive weapon for clients.

The powerful combination of Bonfire cloud-based platform and Maine Pointe’s deep industry and subject-matter expertise will provide clients with a single workflow for data blending, modeling and reporting, delivering the insights to identify, track, measure, and report on end-to-end supply chain improvements and move up the Total Value Optimization Pyramid™.

“Maine Pointe’s expertise is foundational for companies to be able to realize maximum impacts across all procurement activities. This partnership offers the private equity market an opportunity for substantive savings from procurement events,” said Corry Flatt, CEO at Bonfire. “Maine Pointe has been able to leverage Bonfire to gain visibility into aggregate savings, which has had a direct impact on EBITDA – we’re excited to partner with a team that has experienced such impressive results themselves.”