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2019 Recap: What’s new and how can you get the most out of Bonfire

December 10, 2019 | Cam Davies

light bulbs causing change in motion for Bonfire's 2019 year

At Bonfire, we understand your needs are continually evolving. We’re always looking to our clients for guidance on today’s challenges and to understand how we’re helping you find solutions. 2019 was no exception with the introduction of new offerings and feature enhancements designed to deliver best-practices, optimize workflows, and increase bid competition. 

Here’s a recap of some of the exciting things that launched this year at Bonfire.

New Services and Continuous Learning

Services define a significant part of the Bonfire experience. We often hear that our people make a big difference in the adoption and ongoing engagement with eSourcing inside their organization. This year, we’re excited to launch more opportunities for customers to learn and growth with Bonfire.

Best-Practice Webinars
Regular webinar series dedicated to sharing best-practices across Bonfire customers. Each episode provides in-depth use cases and guidance to optimize your use of  Bonfire.

New In-App Guides
Pop-up tooltips embedded in Bonfire to help you discover new functionality and features, as well as provide best-practice tips and guidance in the context of how you’re already using Bonfire.

Professional Services
A professional services team designed to extend the potential of your systems with integrations to other software, data transfers, custom reporting, and more so you can focus on adding value rather than managing technology.

Check out all of the best practices content here:

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Contract and Performance ManagementCentralizing Procurement

Feature Launches that Strengthen Public-Sector Workflows

Proposal Analysis

Screenshot of Bonfire Proposal Analysis

Proposal Analysis adds intuitive visuals to Bonfire that make it easy to compare and contrast different data points such as how an individual vendor performed in relation to the top and average score in each criteria segment.

Then, you can filter and display the data in different ways to fuel more productive consensus meetings, negotiations, recommendations, and during vendor debrief meetings.

Quick Online Bid Entry

Screenshot of Bonfire Quick Online Bid Entry

Quick Online Bid Entry makes it easy for vendors to enter detailed order list pricing online. As a buyer, you define your specific needs, such as quantity, brand, size, etc., then all that your vendors need to do is fill in your pricing form.

Results are auto-calculated and easily analyzed in Bonfire to award by vendor, basket, or even line-item.

Custom Event Management

Screenshot of Bonfire Custom Event Management

Custom Event Management lets you add events to your official timeline and brings more of your project online in one central place so everyone is on the same page.

Event types include vendor-facing events such as pre-bid meetings, interviews, and public bid openings, or internal-facing events such as pre-evaluation kick-offs and consensus meetings.

Requested Information Management

Screenshot of Bonfire Requested Information Management

Requested Information Management makes it easy to group and organize the information that you need your vendors to provide. Simply add a new group and then add, drag, or drop the corresponding documents or data.

From there, you can reorder groups and documents to make it easy for vendors to understand exactly what they need to provide.

Product Launches that Help Buyers Receive More Bids

Screenshot of Bonfire Premium Vendors

Extending your pool of vendors is critical to increase your competition and in turn, get better quality for a better price. In an effort to support you in doing so, we’ve launched a new vendor portal designed to connect you with vendors who are already working with other Bonfire customers as well as with vendors who are interested in public sector opportunities.

Every public opportunity you post will be available to the growing Bonfire vendor community.

About the author

Bonfire Blog Author Cam Davies

Cam Davies | Bonfire Interactive

Cam has over a decade of experience in launching new technologies across industries spanning public and private sector procurement and state and provincial departments of transportation. As Bonfire’s Product Marketing Manager, Cam represents the client voice and works with cross-functional teams including engineering, marketing, and sales to match market need with product offering.