Sourcing software reimagined for
today's purchasing challenges.
Streamline your RFP, bid, quote, tender, and other procurement projects from start to finish.

A new kind of sourcing platform for purchasing teams

Unlike basic bidding portals, Bonfire can streamline everything from simple bids/quotes to complex RFP evaluations to multi-basket bidding projects. But it's also simple and flexible enough that you can start using it right away.

Full evaluations, auto-tabulation, and bid optimization

View and score even the most complex supplier proposals/quotes right in your browser. Watch the decision unfold with real-time progress and consensus reports. Use instant analysis and tabulation to refine and optimize bid decisions.

Rich visual insights help you make better decisions

Beautiful scoring summaries, automatic consensus highlighting, and reports that help you make better decisions. Interactive KPIs show you where you’ve been, while contract expiry heat-maps and timelines show you what's coming.

Wildly popular with vendors, staff, and executives

Across many thousands of suppliers, evaluators, buyers, and executives, Bonfire maintains a 93% recommendation rating. How do we do it? By being so intuitive that your stakeholders pick it up right away. Zero training for vendors & evaluators!

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Bonfire's unique approach -- full evaluations, auto-tabulation and optimization, rich visual insights, extreme ease-of-use -- leads to better, faster procurement decisions for you and your team. Best of all, Bonfire is modular - which means that you can use only the parts you want. It's flexible enough to streamline the entire sourcing process or just fit in with your existing processes and tools for now. Explore popular Bonfire configurations below:

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Real Flexibility

Bonfire can handle everything from simple online quotes to multi-category RFPs.

No Painful Process Changes

Keep your existing process and templates. Get up and running in days, not weeks.

Access from Anywhere

Work with your files, scores, and reports from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Cheerful Support

Responsive and friendly support staff for all your suppliers, evaluators, and purchasers.

Security & Privacy

We protect your data with bank-grade security and hardened infrastructure.

Friendly Demos

See Bonfire in action for yourself. We can even use your real projects as examples!
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